Friday, July 29, 2005

I must be getting old

I found myself listening to Elvis the other morning, for the first time. It was three am, and he wasn't bad. Of course, dying away my grey hair didn't help the feeling, either.

Tuesdays are for gooping.

This is non-toxic, smells like a combination of hay and lavender, and fun to play with. I don't know why more people don't use henna.

I guess it's a choice between having grey hair at 24 or orange hair! The orange calms down as the henna oxidizes and the color deepens somewhat.

One thing I didn't realize that I missed deeply while in England was trees. There are very few in the town where I was living, deep in the northern moors, and there were none very close to look at from my room's window, where I spent the majority of my time. Yes, there were some, but they were less important; I was there for fall, winter, and spring...when I arrived there were leafy green trees, but that didn't last long. The light is brighter here, and so the shade becomes more important.

The house where I'm staying now is surrounded by large deciduous trees, mainly for privacy's sake, but they're wonderful to look at. At moments when I'm working and my eyes hurt from too much time spent on the computer I can look up and see trees, not brick buildings covered in drizzling rain. It didn't rain as much as I had anticipated, but it did enough so that I have many pictures of wet brick buildings.

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YSSSP said...

Love the henna. :) I've not tried it on my hair, but I haven't dyed mine for quite awhile now...

I *have* tried henna tattoo on my hands though, that's pretty fun. :)

YSSSP said...

Just a little update...

Your socks have been having some very interesting adventures! And it's not over yet...

You'll see all of the pictures and hear the stories when you receive your socks...buaaahaaahaaahaa