Tuesday, May 25, 2004

One week to go...

and I'm getting a little worried that everything won't fit into my car. I really wanted to only have the trunk packed, and with light things, but it looks like there may be some overspill.
On the other hand, I had Ethiopian food for the first time tonight, and it was very good. the restaurant was pretty nice on the inside, but the from the outside it looks like a place I wouldn't look at twice. I should be better about trying small hole-in-the-wall places, but I let other people try them first and then persuade me to go. Heheheh.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Then the light got softer and softer and the pictures became less spectacular. A lot of people think of California as bigcities, but most of it is really farmland.

This was a little farm we passed where I caught a glimpse of this pond and went "Ooo!"

The Clouds looked really weird. They were dark grey and higging the mountains in the distance.

I love this picture. We were on our way back from Monterey, and the sun was hitting the land on one side of the car. It was very beautiful and the air was clean and cool.

Mom looking gorgeous and smiling despite her frozen feet.

The kelp beds behind the aquarium.

Stupid smelly sea lions. They make a noise that sounds like they're saying, "Help me, Ma! I'm drowning! Gourp! Gourp! Gourp! Gourp! Gourp!"

Wind socks, wind socks...

And all the other people taking pictures, too.

A side view of the marina.

I think that this is also an otter. Was it stalking us?!

The kayakers out of their cove.

a fishing boat and a houseboat.

I think that's an otter.

The monkey and his man.

The wharf.

The second glimpse.

The eucalyptus corridor? (Who knows if I spelled it right?)

Taking pictures out of the car windo works pretty wel.

The sky was beautiful on the way down.

A lovely weekend

It's been a great weekend. Yesterday Mom and I took my car for a test spin down to Monterey. We stopped at Gilroy on the way and shopped but did not drop--and now I've got two places to wear earrings again.

Monterey was beautiful, and we spent an hour shopping for jewelery. We also took lots of pictures, and ate waaaaaaaaaaay too much out on the pier. The car held up great. Pictures will follow.

Friday, May 21, 2004


There are a lot more pictures to put up, but it's taking too long with my dial-up connection.

But it's really pretty big.

The garden looks small here.

Mom happy with fluffy cotton-candy roses.

Yes, more pink.

More pink!

Open pink bud. This is one of my favorites.

Weirdly red roses. They almost look plastic.

There are lots of weddings in the Rose Garden

Driving photo. Who knew that pictures could come out well even through a dirty windshield?


Hiding in the bushes

Opening bud



Bright pink

Beautiful Jeanette

Pink bud 2

Yellow-pink rose

More yellow-red roses


Grandma and Aunt Mary in KY

Figuring out

I'm new to all this blogging, despite hours spent reading other people's blogs. What a strange way to waste time...reading the thoughts of people you'll never meet.

Unlimited photo hosting, eh? I'll have to test that, once I figure out how to add more than one photo to each entry.

Various roses

Mom in the Rose Garden

A rose is a rose is a rose... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Packing, packing, packing.

It T-minus 12 days and I'm getting ready for move number 30. What wonderful inspirational things can I post here on the internet?

Who knows?