Sunday, November 21, 2004

Keep in mindthat these were taken at 4pm.

The North Sea.

The castle as seen from two blocks away from my house.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Just for Jen 2.

Just for Jen 1.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

I also wore my new socks. I saved them for November on purpose, and it was worth it.

I tried to keep still...

For the first time at night when I've gone down there, the tide was out.

I took a walk tonight

Don't they make a sweet couple?

Just for fun...I always tell people that Branson can balance things on his face

This little house with the freshly-painted blue fence was my favorite that day.

Keep out.

A fake-thatch roof!

I like this house

Yay, someone had an original thought!

Which way to go?

I'm havingtrouble eciding if it's ugly

Bed King Church

No it isn't

The SJT unlit

If you view this picture full-size (download it) you can clearly see the beach through the archway.

Jen and Stuart

Josh, Zeena and Allison discussing important things over Italian

A genuine english pub, Except it's empty.

The Tea House

A bit damp

Heading out for drinks before supper.

This is what I stared at the week I hurt my back and was in bed. It's hypnotizing, especially when combined with the codeine.

My view

My view

My view

My view

It looks good on everyone.

I think Jens liked my hat.

We made the guys get up and dance.

Tina posing for the camera

The DJ was so bad no one wanted to dance. This was our International Student 1-week anniversary hoedown!

My hat got passed around a lot that night.

Mark, the guardian angel of student housing.

My street