Wednesday, July 20, 2005


This is not primarily a knitting blog; it's mainly to share photos easily with friends who are far away. "But," you cry (all both of you), "You only seem to read knitting blogs!" True. Shutup. For lack of any actual life content, and taking advantage of my camera's good mood (it works when I don't need it, but a one-time meeting up with a Dwarfer from overseas? Nope!) I decided to document some of this summer's projects, just to take pictures of something other than my own feet.

The beginnings of a black sweater, self-designed. with 3x2 ribbing down the sides. I'd never tried cotton yarn before, and when I got a great deal on while living in England, I decided it was worth the color (I don't normally wear black) to try Rowan wool/cotton. It's great! I have the feeling that it will get very soft with wear, and should make a good, light sweater. On size 3s, and my knitting speed, I sense this is a long-term project.
A baby sweater. I don't know why. I had three skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino that I had hoped would go with some Austermann Barkarole that I have, but it's a bit off. So I made this lovely squishy jacket, using the Harlot's pattern Daisy in knitty as a guide, but mostly just knitting along for fun. Now I want one of my own.Yes, I'm making a clapotis. This is actually the second one I started, but it's also stalled. I don't know if I like it on this needle--Silk Garden on size 8s. It seems a little loose to me. I'll probably pick this back up in the fall, or else find something else to do with 9 skeins of Silk Garden.Mmm, rainbowy fun. This is assorted leftover/bought specifically for wool and a bit of alpaca leftovers, mainly elann Highland...I thought: wouldn't it be fun to knit and then felt a blanket? I still think it'll turn out pretty neat.The problem is, I don't know which color to use next.Spinning! Copper Moose Merino and Silk, so yummy! The silk actually makes it easier to spin the short, soft merino. I should have enough of this for another sweater after the black one is finished.
An example of how nice it is to have an actual tension knob for your wheel instead of making your own tension thingie with some cotton yarn. The original tension knob of my spinning wheel went missing about ten years ago during a play. I picked up spinning again last summer, but this summer when I re-picked it up I decided to see how much of a difference there would be with a real tension knob. The pink is an example of my finest two-ply before, with my own tension thingie. The blue is my new two-ply. I think it's about sport weight but I haven't tested the WPI yet.
Happy sock knitting!

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SSSP said...

VERY nice! :) Love the baby sweater!!

Ok, I have a request, would you be willing to take a pic of your tootsies and post it for me? I have your measurements, but I'm more visual than mathematical...