Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hello, my pretties!

Well, it's nearly time for another adventure. Do you know where your towel is?

Actually, come to think of it, I have to find mine. It's in one of these bins.

Yes, it's getting around to that time when I shall go merrily on my way once more, packing up my little car and going in search of.

It seems that the Large Bodies store I work for will be able to transfer me, and today I heard word from the people at my other job, We Are Watching You, wanted to hire me for the position I'm working as a temp, but since I am moving they may be able to offer me something when I get where I'm going. I have several apt. applications on their way from San Antonio places. My favorite looks lovely and some of the pictures remind me of Hawai'i.

I have been trying to blog about the socks I sent out for sockapaloooza, but the last time I had time to upload a picture here blogger wasn't cooperating. So here it is, an obligatory picture of the socks, which I have heard have already arrived in the UK. My own have not arrived yet, and I am a bit sad about that. I am hoping that if they are sent, they will get here before I move!

Handpainted (by yours truly) Elann fixation cotton/elastic yarn.


Ina said...

Sorry to hear YOUR socks are still lost in space. Let me investigate and get back to you.

mf said...

Oh NO!! I hoep they show up soon, maybe a late kniter? Nice colors you did!