Thursday, May 18, 2006

Long time no blog

Ah, yes my pretties, it's been a while, no? A year ago I returned from England with a broken camera.

Well, I finally bought a new one! It's not quite as nice as my old one, but does have twice the half the cost.

My view today, as I relax.

Here you see how far spreads Wendy's influence:

Yes, I have to have me some tiger socks, too. It's my work knitting. Yes, I said work knitting! I have two jobs, one at a Store for We who Love Chocolate, and another temping at a test enter where my contract keeps getting extended. I like the store best when there are no customers, of course. Then we play with the mannequins.

The other skein is Austermann's new Step yarn. It's infused with aloe and jojoba and it supposed to be really good for your feet. Now if I only knit faster, I could have some warm, good-for-me socks--just in time for summer. That is, assuming it ever stops raining.

I am also working on Eris, in 100% merino. How can I afford that? I bought some of knitpicks' paint-your-own merino sock yarn and doubled it.
440 yards of meino goodness. Cost: $8.

It's wonderful and soft, and promises to make a warm, cuddly jacket.

I do have one question: why dried flower arrangements? They're all over the house here, and I just don't get it. They're full of years of dust and keep dropping little bits all over. I can understand something like, say, saving your wedding bouquet. But six arrangements in a seven-room house?

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Emma said...

Beautiful pictures! You must be enjoying the new camera.