Tuesday, June 21, 2005

THE YARN came today. It is pretty. It is soft. Wee sockies will be started after the Samantha thingie.
Dear SSSP,
Just in case you're checking to see if I write anything interesting...

I'm job-hunting, working slllllllowly on my dissertation, and generally wondering if I'll ever find a job. Yes, I could go out and get a job tomorrow--retail always likes me. But the point of working, then deciding to go to graduate school and then completing the damn course must be to then get a job, no? I got through two interviews with a boarding school in CT who wanted me to start a Drama program, a choir, teach English and History, wash the windows, castrate some cats, massage their feet, etc. Silly them; I don't do windows. After not getting that job I felt a twinge of disappointment but mainly a great sense of relief; now I didn't have to spend the next few years in rural CT. But since then, nothing. It took me seven months to find a job last time I graduated. So far this time it's only been two and a half.

Rant over. Am currently working on Kate Gilbert's Samantha in Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece. I wanted to use baby Cashmerino but my LYS doesn't carry it, and this little dress is needed for my stepmother to take to her niece's new baby over the fourth of July weekend, yeep.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another Tuesday night

Dear Super Secret Sock Pal,
Now I have a reason to blog more often. Unfortunately, there's not much to tell. My camera was broken on that high-tide day when Jenni was scared by a wave. She was taking a picture and got hit by a wave.

I'm back in New York these days, writing my dissertation and looking for a teaching job, and also really, really enjoying central air!

How about pink sports socks? I started my diet again today...someday it'll stick. I just figured it out; if I ever could stick to anything, it would still take about a year to lose the 80 pounds that I gained in only about three months--six years ago! That's why there aren't many pictures of me on here.

Hope you're warm and safe/cool and safe tonight.

Is this thing on?

Uh-oh, the sockapaltwoza links are being sent out, so I guess I'll have a new visitor sometime soon.

Nothing much is going on, but hello, sock pal!