Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another Tuesday night

Dear Super Secret Sock Pal,
Now I have a reason to blog more often. Unfortunately, there's not much to tell. My camera was broken on that high-tide day when Jenni was scared by a wave. She was taking a picture and got hit by a wave.

I'm back in New York these days, writing my dissertation and looking for a teaching job, and also really, really enjoying central air!

How about pink sports socks? I started my diet again today...someday it'll stick. I just figured it out; if I ever could stick to anything, it would still take about a year to lose the 80 pounds that I gained in only about three months--six years ago! That's why there aren't many pictures of me on here.

Hope you're warm and safe/cool and safe tonight.

1 comment:

SSSP said...

Pink, 'eh? I think that's certainly something that can be worked out...