Friday, August 20, 2004


Everything's finally started to work out, amazingly enough. I'm not used to things all of a sudden going so smoothly; it's like all the problems I've been having all summer to get things done that needed to be done so that I could get to England are being sorted out now that people are back from summer break (though they've all been working all summer!) I just have to hope that my streak lasts through about noon Monday, which will put me through my visa appointment. I finally have everything else set up--it's the last step, adn I've got all of the necessary paperwork as of TODAY!

Now on to SP3. I've been thinking and thinking about this and I hope that my SP is someone who will like what I already have going on for them; SP3 is supposed to start September 4, which is the day I leave the country, so I'm hoping to get something out to them the dy before...if I can finish it and my pal turns out to be the sort of person who likes what I'm making. Heheh.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


The damn school has sent my loan forms somewhere into oblivion. No wonder I haven't heard anything yet.

I'm supposed to leave in 31 days. I have no loan and therefore no visa. Hence the 3 am posting.