Thursday, July 15, 2004

50 days left

I just realised that I'm leaving the country in a little over a month, and I have no pants!
Perhaps I should repharase that, as I'm heading to England, where they'll think I have no underwear. All I know is, for some reason when I was packing to drive to NY I thought that I would never need pants again and threw them all away. I'm hoping it's because they were all too big, and not because my brain was rotting away...

I've been doing a lot of thinking the past few days. Yes, I know it looks like sleeping to all of you outside my head, but I assure you if I'm sleeping it's because I'm trying not to think. I talked to Leslie about this (Leslie, not Leslee) and it's just mindboggling to me how incredibly my friends are growing up. Yes, all both of them. They have retained all the essential them-ness and developed to be so interesting. Here I thought I've changed so much, and then I see them and I begin to worry that I haven't changed as much for the better as I had thought.
That's enough philosophizing for now; I've got to count sweaters. More later, oh unread silly blog of the ages.

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